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P.S. Chinese Tecs Are far more dreaded! And they always appear Bare-headed! On International Poet's Day, we remember Spike Milligan, who read out his poem "Unto Us" on the Late Late Show some years before his death.

# savelives # savethe8th Unto us. Arts Filming Spike Milligan. Humanistic disciplines: Filming Spike Milligan & # ; s Puckoon Essay, Research Paper. Quotes about death provide food for thought, reflection, inspiration, humour. They can be helpful as a light way into talking more deeply.

They can be helpful to add colour and flavour to funeral readings can be a chance to impress too – dropping a Greek philosopher’s quote into a tribute or eulogy sets a. Spike Milligan’s “Unto Us” is one of his more serious poems that is about the issue of abortion or rather abortion for convenience.

He adopts the persona of an unborn child which is unusual, yet effective method of narration, as it evokes sympathy from the reader. Watching a programme just now on Spike Milligan and told my husband of this poem we did at school called Unto Us and how it stuck with me for over 40 years!

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Spike milligan unto us essay
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