Modern medicine helps to live a longer life essay

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Essay on Modern medicine helps to live a longer life..Do you agree??

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To summarize; in my personal view, modern medicine is helping to live a long life. Modern technologies are being supported to find. The health care industry has become a technology-rich environment and has resulted in the increase of average life expectancy.

Modern Medicine: Towards Prevention, Cure, Well-being and Longevity

Modern medicines also play a very important role in making us live a longer life. Firstly, with the coming awareness, the use of disease preventing vaccines has increased.

Modern medical specialty helps to populate a longer life. Make you hold? The modern medical specialty is really of import for populating a long life.

Modern medicine helps to live a longer life

It is depend on new engineering. Peoples take really easy and rapidly. Besides modern medical specialty is really speedy absorbing to human organic structure. It is helps to endorse to [ ].

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Modern medicine’s role of helplessness mixed with grandiosity that promotes life at any cost e.g. in persistent vegetative states, will then end. An eros must guide our consciousness, and our efforts, even as we accept the truth of a thanatos, which must ultimately prevail.

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Modern medicine helps to live a longer life essay
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IELTS Essay, topic: Modern medicine helps to live longer