How to write amharic fidel sounds

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© - Amharic Teacher. This Amharic Pronunciation Guide will help you understand the sound of each letter and includes sample sound files.

What’s really great about Amharic is if you learn the sounds of each Fidel and if you spell or write a word correctly, you will be able to pronounce it. Amharic Fidel Amharic Alphabet Amharic song Amharic Music. Amharic Movie Amharic Drama Amharic Comedy.

Learning to recoginise the shapes and sounds of the Amharic Alphabet is fairly challenging. This is mainly attributed to the over letters (Amharic Fidels) one has to learn to be in a position to read and write in Amharic.


Cover of an old Afaan Oromo Bible መጫፈ ቁልቁሉ reprinted from the ′s version. Ethiopic Unicode has had characters that represent unique Afaan Oromo sounds such as “በዻኔ” “ዻባ” “ዼሬሳ” .

How to write amharic fidel sounds
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